Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, rich in decorated and elegant palaces, is a city that lives. Situated on the shores of the Sava River, completely surrounded by forests and parks, Zagreb is divided into two parts connected by a cable car: Upper Town, the oldest part of the capital and the Lower Town. The city of Zagreb is full of museums, galleries, theaters and the palace of Austro-Hungarian Baroque architecture.

Zagreb is rich in monuments and architecture. The center of Zagreb is considered the historic district of Upper Town and Kaptol, as well as the Lower Town, where you can see the exceptional variety of architecture from Baroque to the present day. There are a number of museums and galleries on the Upper Town, while Lower Town is the urban center of modern Zagreb. Kaptol is located on the Zagreb Cathedral. Dolac is located between the Upper Town and Kaptol, where Dolac Market, the most famous open-air market in Zagreb, is located.